This vacation…. Learn and have fun.

Come summer vacations, and there is so much excitement in children. No school, no homework and no exams for the next two months! One can do what one likes and have fun to the hilt. But many a times the excitement and exuberance dwindles in a few days and boredom sets in. Many children don’t know what to do with themselves with the kind of time that they have on their hands. But a little bit of planning can make vacations the most unforgettable and memorable experience.

Here is what you can do to make vacations fun and also worth while in the process:-

Develop a hobby– Hobbies like stamp collecting, listening to music, drawing, reading, embroidering etc are great pastimes and one wouldn’t know how time flew by. Developing a hobby can be a very satisfying pastime as well as a great learning experience.

Learn a new skill– Learning a new skill could be a great way of passing time in vacations. It could be anything from learning basic computers or typing, or joining dance or art classes, learning cookery or baking, or any sport. This gives an immense sense of achievement and accomplishment. Also any learning can come handy any time in one’s life.

Assist your parents in house hold chores– Assist your parents in house hold chores like buying groceries, storing them, cleaning the house, cleaning cupboards etc. Household work takes a long time so any help would be welcome and will make your parents happy. These are life skills which will prepare you well. The sooner you learn them the better equipped you are for the future.

Join a library– Reading is one of the greatest ways of spending time in a constructive manner. Also in any library there is a certain time limit beyond which you cannot keep books. This would also help in improving your speed of reading, a skill which will help you when you reach higher classes. An addition could be writing a review of each book that you read. This record would serve a long-term purpose and also hone your writing skills which will again help later in projects and assignments.

Create a play group– The best way to have fun in vacations is to play. Both indoor as well as outdoor games teaches a lot of skills of sharing, following rules, caring for team members in team games, leadership skills, healthy competitive spirit, how to lose gracefully and so forth. Hence creating a play group with friends who reside in the colony would be worth the effort.

Write letters to the elders of your family- The elders in the family would love if they receive a letter from you youngsters. It will make them feel cared for and also involved in your life. Send a letter today to your grandparents or any other elderly aunts and uncles. Their joy would know no bounds and make you only happier. You too would realise in time that it is fun to have such pen pals, and there is a lot of knowledge in store once their replies start coming in.

Help elderly people in your neighbour hood– For the elderly people in your vicinity you could help them out with small chores like getting them newspaper or medicines, helping them to carry their groceries, helping them cross the roads, etc. There would always be some one who needs your help.

Keep a diary– This is something that you could do at the end of each day. Maintaining a diary is a great way of assimilating your thoughts of the entire day. This will help you see the happenings of the day as well as there would be learning of what could have been done in a better manner, how the day could have been further well spent.

Exercise- The advantages of exercise are widely known. This will help you become healthier, fitter and stronger. Joining a yoga or aerobics class would be a good idea initially. Later you could do the same exercises at home or with friends.

Just enjoy and relax– Last but not the least, vacations are for you to relax so that you can take on the new academic year with gusto. So go ahead take the deserved rest. Sleep, eat, watch movies and have a great time.

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