Self Acceptance

Krishna once came all teary eyed and sad to Yashodha. Nonplussed as to what was bothering her little one, Yashoda tried to console him and ask the reason for his distress. Through his tears Krishna confessed that whenever he went out and played with his friends he kept feeling that all stared at him because he was so dark and felt that they did not accept him as one of them. He felt he was ‘different’. He then pleaded with Yashoda that she should make a paste of Chandan and rose water and apply it to him so that when it dried up he would become fair and look light skinned.

Yashoda knew that what Krishna was saying was not the truth but a game that his mind was playing on him. None stared at him and in fact he was the apple of everyone’s eyes. The whole Gokul adored the dark skinned Krishna. However lately Krishna had become conscious of his skin colour. But Yashoda also knew that explaining this would not convince Krishna and looking at her little one’s anguish decided that she will go with his plan and let Krishna learn through the experience that it was he himself who really needed to accept the different-ness and not others.

So embalmed with the dried up chandan paste, Krishna went out to play with his friends. What a shock Krishna was in for! Krishna’s friends could not fathom this light colored Krishna and teased him, made fun of him and he became a laughing stock. As he ran back towards his house he saw that even the adults were looking at him curiously. As soon as he reached home he told Yashoda to remove the paste from his body. Having taken a bath, Krishna felt much better. Soon his friends came and apologized and said how well he looked as he is and what was the idea behind smearing the chandan paste on the whole body. Krishna looked sheepishly at Yashoda and hinted that she should not tell them the truth. The matter was soon forgotten but Krishna had learnt his lesson. He now loved himself the way he was and as soon as he did that he saw love and affection reflected in the other important people around him.

Children, does this story echo any similar sentiments in you? Are there any physical, intellectual or emotional aspects that you do not accept in the self? Then do you not think that like Krishna its time that you to move towards self acceptance.

Accepting the positive and negative flaws in the self would help you become comfortable with yourself as you are [physically] and then you could focus more on strengthening your positive aspects and reducing your flaws as far as possible[emotionally and intellectually]. Once you are comfortable with the way you are, others will accept you easily without any qualms as they will sense your self confidence and acceptance and in turn would equally feel confident of you.

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